Mission Statement

Pots Tea strives to provide satisfaction to our diverse neighborhood offering premium loose teas from around the world, the best tea knowledge and service, with value pricing. Pots Tea has designed its café to create a surrounding that is friendly, cozy, comfortable environment with WiFi access. Pots Tea Market offers tea accessories for your specialized needs.

China has the earliest record of tea drinking; (206-220 BC) and used tea as medicines. Romans are responsible for carrying a mint herb tea throughout Europe. In 1699, the English drank over 40,000 pounds of tea a year. Teas have withstood the test of time and cultures. Today Pots Tea purveyor has combined teas with comfort, history and worldly tradition.


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Loose Tea Selection

  • Pots Tea is very selective about their teas; looking for premium quality and organic teas as much as possible and that the blends carry through to steeping.
    • White, Green, Oolong, Pu-erh, Black, Tisane, and Herbals
    • Our blends in the tea categories have exceptional aroma and taste
  • We always test and taste new teas, so ask us what’s new!
  • Mail order – We will ship your tea to you, either email or call us your order, we’ll confirm your purchase and ship it out with in One business day; 303 771 4TEA (4832), email potsteastore@gmail.com

Bakery Items: Scones and Pastries

Pots Tea does their own baking, the scones are from the baker’s own recipe, you should try them they’re fresh and yummy. You won’t find another scone like them any other place.

We also have the light side of on our menu too, a very nice fruit/cheese/cracker plates, a bowl of berries and cream, bagels and cream cheese. Check our menu page

We have Tea Retail Merchandise, teapots, infusers, Tea Tumblers T-Sacs, Cups/saucers and much more

We have High Teas! Check out our High Tea page, we have great pics from special events and


How did Pots Tea come About

The owner of Pots Tea, Karen Doebelin, is a Denver Native with a passion for tea and baking. She has always had a desire to open a tea business. It has only been in the last 5 to 10 years that Americans have caught up with the rest of the world in choosing tea as a drink of choice and often first choice that has help make her dream come true. Tea is the new coffee!

When meeting with friends or associates Karen was always looking for a place with comfort and uniqueness, which helped inspired the creation of Pots Tea.

Karen’s background of project management and contracts has been beneficial in the development and opening of Pots Tea. Pots Tea is part of an international tea community focused on providing premium organic teas from around the world, merchandise and services.

Tea Café

(Yes, of course, we have great coffee too)

8100 S. Quebec, B-19
Centennial , CO 80112
303 771 (4TEA) 4832

NE Corner of Quebec and County Line View Larger Map

Fresh Scones like you’ve never had before and other pastries

Loose Premium Tea Sales

Special Events

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